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Dogs and Cats Grooming Tool

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Are you tired of vacuuming clumps of pet hair off your carpets and furniture?

Have you wasted more money than you can count on poor quality, inferior pet grooming tools?

Then you need our professional pet grooming comb! Suitable for small and large dogs and cats with short or long hair, our expert pet trimming tool removes thick matted clumps of hair and loose dead hair from your pet's undercoat and topcoat, effectively reducing shedding by up to 90%!

The best cat brush for long hair, our dogs and cats grooming tool features an adjustable 100% stainless steel blade which sweeps effortlessly through the hair to leave your pet's coat with a healthy, glossy sheen. The durable user-friendly handle on our dog deshedding tool makes grooming your pet a breeze, whilst the unique EasyEject button means the blade can be quickly removed for cleaning - simply snap back together when you are ready to use again!

With our no-risk 10-year guarantee, we will refund your money or replace the dogs and cats grooming tool in the event of breakage!

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Keep your beloved pet's coat healthy and shiny with our innovative professional pet grooming comb! Suitable for both cats and dogs with long or short hair, our pet grooming tool removes loose hairs and neatly trims your pet's coat without causing damage
  • REDUCES SHEDDING BY UP TO 90% - Detangle those unsightly clumps of matted fur which cause your pet discomfort, and remove the loose hairs which cover your clothes, carpets, and furniture with our deshedding tool for dogs and cats. Rake through the dense undercoat and lightly trim the top coat with our expert pet trimming tool to keep your dog or cat happy and healthy with a superbly glossy coat
  • EASE OF USE - Featuring a 4" stainless steel blade and an ergonomically designed handle, our unique dematting tool for dogs is the best dog grooming brush you can buy, removing dead fur in just ten minutes. The adjustable blade can tackle the undercoat and top coat of any dog or cat - small or large, short-haired or long-haired! The revolutionary EasyEject feature allows for effortless cleaning of the dematting rake - simply press the button to remove the blade for de-clogging
  • RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS - Used by veterinarians and groomers our professional pet grooming comb is guaranteed unbreakable. Regularly grooming your dog or cat helps keep their skin and hair in top condition, and allows you to perform nose to tail health checks as you brush, whilst strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend
  • INCREDIBLE 10-YEAR GUARANTEE - Our premium quality pet grooming tool comes complete with a 100% no-risk 10-year refund or replacement guarantee against breakage. Make your pet's health a priority by clicking "add to cart" today and purchasing our professional pet grooming comb!

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