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Dog Seat Belt

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This car seat belt is a must have for every pet owner who want to keep their pets safe, this gadget will do the work, it helps to keep you and your dog & cat safe during drives and allows the pet to sit, lay or stand freely yet safely in car.
Dogs can sometimes get a little over excited in the car and can easily become a distraction to the driver,this seat belt help to keep them seated during the journey helping to improve their safety and your own.
Made of high quality nylon fabric and attachable to all vehicles’ seat belt receptacles due to its adjustable lenght

Simply clip the seatbelt onto your pet harness and snap the belt tab right into the seat belt receptacle of your vehicle, securing your pet into place, and enjoy your car rides!


100% brand new high quality.

Elastic reflective belt for pet car seat.


Material: nylon + elastic band + reflective wire

Color: Black, green, gray, light gray, blue (optional)

Dimensions: 2.5 * 49-66 cm / 1 * 19.3-26 inches, maximum elastic length 80 cm / 31.5 inches

Weight: 76g


Pet supplies car seat belt pet dog elastic reflective strap safety cable.

High quality nylon material, strong and durable.

Adjustable, elastic design, effective cushioning, reduction of unnecessary damage and better protection of pets.

Choose from a variety of colors and choose the color that best suits your dog.

Dogs also need a seat belt when they are in the car. Dogs travel safely with you.

Graphite crucible mini furnace gold torch metal melting:

1 * dog harness