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Selfie Stick for Pets Dog Cat

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Pet selfie stick dog cat setting iPhone Samsung and most Smartphone tablet

No more struggling to get your pets to look at the camera. The Perfect Pet Selfie Stick is a genius way to take perfect selfies with your pet. Attach their favorite treat or toy and snap away!


  • The flexible neck allows you to adjust at any angle, using the front and rear camera.
  • Clip on your pets favorite gift or toy to attract all their attention. The clip may contain treats or toys up to 3/4 "thick
  • Clip the 2 legs on the front of the phone, it is easy to use
  • We investigate 200 types of smartphones before designing the clip, the clip fits most smartphones and tablets.
  • The neck can be attached, add or remove the joints to change the length.


  • Color: black or white
  • Weight: 23g / 0.05 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 cm / 6 inches
  • Material: plastic

Graphite crucible mini furnace gold torch metal melting:

  • 1 pet selfie stick